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How To Come Up With A Brand Name

By Phil Davis | September 26, 2018
how to come up with a brand name

6 Steps for Finding the Perfect Brand Name for Your Company, Product or Service So you’ve come up with a new business concept, a new product line or a professional…

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Five Key Steps for a Successful Company Branding Process

By Phil Davis | March 21, 2018
company branding process

Every company branding process is unique, with its own set of challenges, but by following these five proven strategies, you can ensure a solid result.

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How much does it cost to brand a startup company?

By Phil Davis | March 1, 2018
How much does it cost to brand a business?

Branding a new business depends on a number of key factors, starting with the definition of branding

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What do I need to “name my business?”

By Phil Davis | February 19, 2018
What do I need to “brand my business?”

Branding your business in not making your business famous – a few million dollars can do that. Branding your business is owning a consistent set of positive attributes in the minds of your best customers. It’s building and maintaining a solid, singular reputation.

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8 Mistakes to Avoid When Naming Your Business

By Phil Davis | February 14, 2018
8 Mistakes to Avoid When Naming Your Business

When naming your business, keep these tips in mind to help you find one that will work now—and in the future. Naming your business is a lot like laying the…

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Tungsten Branding Named Top 5 Global Naming Firm

By Phil Davis | January 3, 2018
Company Naming Firm

Tungsten Branding was recently selected as a top five global naming firm as ranked by, a business services review organization that screens top tech, web and marketing agencies.

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How to find the best company naming service to brand your business

By Phil Davis | October 24, 2017
Company Naming Service

How to find the best business naming firm to brand your startup – Whether you are a consulting company, business service provider or entrepreneur, finding a new business name can be a daunting task…

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Naming a Startup Company in 5 Easy Steps

By Phil Davis | September 12, 2017
startup company names

At some point, every new business owner and/or entrepreneur faces the obvious, but not always easy, question of “What do I name my new startup company?”

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Finding Your Brand’s True Purpose

By Phil Davis | August 25, 2017
Finding Your Brand's Purpose

As an entrepreneur or company owner, distractions abound, sales, cash flow, staffing, HR, marketing, etc. The daily business of conducting business can take over and cloud…

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Naming A Medical Company

By Phil Davis | August 11, 2017
naming branding medical company

Naming a medical company is no simple task. With the proliferation of innovation technologies, new businesses are constantly emerging on the scene, each with it’s own…

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