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Bring clarity to your story and messaging

Who are you really?

For many companies with established, legacy brands, the need for rebranding centers more on messaging than on naming. It really comes down to a question of where to focus. Typically these companies have undergone substantial growth, made new acquisitions, added new product lines, and expanded their service offerings. Amid all this activity, the “tip of the spear” becomes dull. What we refer to as the company’s “pivot point” becomes rounded and needs sharpening.

If you are in need of a brand clarification strategy, you’ve probably asked yourself one or more of these questions:

- What are we at our core, what is our essential reason for being?

- Are we occupying a unique position in our market?

- Do we need an internal and external communications strategy?

- Is our brand voice right for our desired audience?

- Does our brand architecture make sense?

- If we add a product to our existing portfolio, what do we name it?

- Do we have rules in place for product portfolio expansion?

“Just as there is a need for clarity in identity, there’s a need for clarity in purpose.”

This need to define a company’s reason for being, its core value proposition, is what drives our brand strategy work. Just as there is a need for clarity in identity, there’s a need for clarity in purpose. And defining, prioritizing, and highlighting a company’s key attributes can serve to focus and motivate the entire organization. Finding the right position, message or architecture is pivotal in establishing a clear and brilliant brand.

What we'll deliver

Positioning Discovery

Verbal Strategy Development

Tagline Creation

Descriptor Phrase

Brand Story

Positioning Statement

Brand Lexicon

Elevator Pitch

Marketing Slogans

Brand Architecture Audit

Brand Architecture Consolidation

Brand Architecture Creation

Brand Architecture Guidelines

Discovering you position

If every business has a proverbial piece of the puzzle, what is your piece? In other words, if others do what you do, how do you do it differently? Or better? Or faster? Or smarter? Determining your unique organizational strengths serves to simplify, streamline and highlight your brand messaging.

Finding the missing piece

Our brand positioning services will help to sort out all the various messaging components in your organization. After identifying your position, we'll carefully review, synthesize and prioritize your messaging into one cohesive communication strategy. Our process helps you examine your what, how and why to better reflect your core capabilities. Your staff can then consistently perform in a way that's on message, on point and on brand.


Here's what's included in our brand positioning and messaging services:


- Identification of company brand attributes
- Discussion of unique selling proposition or “pivot point”
- Analysis of competitive positioning in the industry
- Defining available white space for maximum differentiation
- Creation of three to four brand “positionings” based on inputs

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Build your brand architecture

Company product and service names often spring out of organic growth and natural expansion. But just like plants, this growth can quickly spiral out of control. Product and service names need tending, hedging, and an occasional “trim.” It’s all too easy for an orderly naming convention to become convoluted with numbers, hyphens, acronyms, alphanumerics, and all sorts of odd adaptations. What was once a product family becomes a product mash-up with no relationship.

That’s when you need help from brand clarity experts

Our team of brand strategists will work to identify, simplify, and streamline your current brand hierarchy. Auditing your current brand architecture or product portfolio allows us to make recommendations that will help you and your customers make sense of your brand and product lines.

Here are just some of the naming strategies that we provide:

- Organizing, synthesizing, and streamlining current brand names
- Creating a cohesive parent brand/sub-brand naming strategy
- Developing a “Good, Better, Best” naming hierarchy that complements your brands
- Retrofitting or “reverse engineering” product brand names into a cohesive brand family
- Creating “rules” for the systematic naming of all product brand names going forward

Searching for a brand strategy that points you in the right direction?

Sounds good so far, but why Tungsten?

Knowing the right questions to ask, and coming up with the best brand strategy, requires deep expertise. With over 20 years of company naming and branding expertise, Tungsten has a global reputation for producing clear brand identities that make a clear difference. Here are just a few highlights:


- Over 500 companies, products, and services branded worldwide
- Ranked Top 5 Global Naming Agency three years in a row
- Full-time staff of naming and branding experts - it’s what we do
- An emphasis on custom solutions that match your specific needs
- Experienced in multiple industries e.g. IT, health, retail, finance
- Exclusive access to over 7,000 brandable .com domain names
- A proven process that builds consensus and delivers results
- Comprehensive programs including naming, messaging, and design


We’ve been privileged to work with great clients the world over, and a number of them have gone on to redefine their industries.

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