Rebranding a Company: Creating names that reflect who you are



Company Rebranding Services

Growing businesses typically expand their product and service lines to stay current and relevant to their client needs. This natural progression leads to outdated and legacy brand names that no longer fit, sound outdated, or worse, mislead customers about who you are and what you do. This evolution in business growth often demands rebranding a company.

When considering company rebranding, the new business name should reflect the company's core attributes and capabilities. These types of company names are more timeless, enduring and capable of expanding as the company grows.

Tungsten has successfully rebranded hundreds of regional, national and multinational firms, from retail and industrial companies to global franchise and technology firms. We provide a step-by-step branding process to ensure that key stakeholders are involved and engaged and that the final naming candidates reflect the goals of the project, the best fit-to-concept. The results are clear, insightful and intuitive brand names that reflect the essence of who you are.

If you are considering rebranding a company, we invite you to call us at 828.877.2699 or fill out our contact form and we'll provide a no-obligation assessment of your company branding needs. If you're not sure company rebranding is the right step, here are seven signs it's time to rebrand your company.

Tungsten has helped to brand and rebrand a number of companies nationwide. Here are a few examples.

  • Brand discovery and needs assessment
  • Determination of budget and timeline
  • Identification of key stakeholders and decision makers
  • Prioritization of top company strengths/attributes
  • Finalization of branding criteria
  • Ideation and creation of naming candidates
  • Construction of custom naming suite for presentation
  • Review of naming candidates with full visual build out
  • Refinement and selection of final candidates
  • Trademark research and domain availability
  • Customized logo development and corporate identity
  • Finalization of all art files and domain transfer
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