02. renaming and rebranding

Successfully relaunching and repositioning

Is it time to get a new name?

As companies grow and adapt to changes and opportunities in the market, the original identity can sometimes prove outmoded. As organizations pivot, maintaining a clear and compelling identity are key to continued growth and success. Here are the most common reasons for rebranding a company:


- The company is undergoing a merger/acquisition
- The name is outdated, misleading or inaccurate
- The name is difficult to pronounce and/or spell
- The name is unclear, obscure or difficult to explain
- The name is based on an original geographic location
- The name is based on an original product or service
- The name is based on previous owners surnames
- The name has been reduced to a meaningless acronym

“As organizations pivot, maintaining a clear and compelling identity is key to continued growth and success.”

Renaming your company can be its first big step towards exponential growth. This process often involves roadblocks including consensus management and implementation. Having the right people, process, and implementation policies in place makes all the difference.

What we'll deliver

Decision Making Action Plan (DMAP)

Brand Discovery

Brand Name Creation

Tagline Exploration

Brand Name Rationale

Domain Name Acquisition

Preliminary Trademark Research

Brand Name Validation Research

Comprehensive Trademark Research

International Linguistic Testing

What's included in the rebranding process?

The most important element in the rebranding process is consensus management. We provide expert guidance and direction every step of the way to ensure success. Here are the key steps:


- Discovery (on-site or via teleconference)
- Competitive Name Analysis
- Determination of Roles and Key Stakeholders
- Development of Brand Criteria
- Naming Ideation and Research
- Brand Name Rationale for Each Naming Candidate
- Preliminary Trademark Research
- Customized Naming Suite for Presentation
- Feedback, Evaluation and Further Ideation
- Contextual Visual Support
- Consensus Management of the Naming Process
- Domain Name Acquisition (if necessary)


Whether you need to clear trademark hurdles, break out of a geographically confining or misleading name, or find a better company name with the exact matching .com domain name, we'll work with your specific list of requirements, combine it with our naming expertise, and produce brilliant company names that work. 

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What if I want to rebrand a product or service?

Product rebrands are typically driven out of very specific needs such as trademark conflicts, or the need to simplify/clarify an existing product naming hierarchy. Sometimes these situations call for brand new product names, and other times names can be reworked or “reverse engineered” to better fit the needs of the existing product framework. From rebranding your “star” product to reworking an entire brand and sub-brand architecture, Tungsten can help you and your team create clear, cohesive and compelling naming and branding strategies that work.

Searching for a brand strategy that points you in the right direction?

Sounds good so far! Why Tungsten?

Knowing the right questions to ask, and coming up with the best brand strategy, requires deep expertise. With over 20 years of company naming and branding expertise, Tungsten has a global reputation for producing clear brand identities that make a clear difference. Here are just a few highlights:


- Over 500 companies, products, and services branded worldwide
- Ranked Top 5 Global Naming Agency three years in a row
- Full-time staff of naming and branding experts
- An emphasis on custom solutions that match your specific needs
- Experienced in multiple industries e.g. IT, health, retail, finance
- Exclusive access to over 7,000 brandable .com domain names
- A proven process that builds consensus and delivers results
- Comprehensive programs including naming, messaging, and design


We’ve been privileged to work with great clients the world over, and a number of them have gone on to redefine their industries.

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