Tungsten Branding & Naming Agency

Tungsten Branding - A Top 5 Company Naming Firm

As globally recognized company naming experts, the Tungsten team focuses on one thing and one thing only -- creating crystal clear brand name identities that shine. Based in Brevard, NC, Tungsten was founded in 2003 by branding expert Phil Davis. The firm has since grown from naming consultants, startups and entrepreneurs, to branding national and international companies, franchises, divisions, corporations and nonprofit agencies.


A Top 5 Company Naming Firm

In 2017 Tungsten received a Top 5 Global Naming Firm award from Clutch.co, for excellence in brand name development, out of 159 other top naming agencies. This award was based on a combination of the best client reviews, most naming expertise and highest levels of thought leadership as evidenced by digital presence and national press coverage.

Founder Phil Davis began the naming firm after running a full service advertising agency in the Tampa Bay market for 17 years. That experience lead to the belief that the “push” strategy of paid advertising was giving way to the “pull” strategy of brand clarity. In other words, creating a clear, coherent and compelling brand identity would naturally attract customers - customers who would share your values, share your message and wholeheartedly support your mission. It’s a belief in natural brand magnetism vs. artificial ad marketing.

“...the ‘push’ strategy of paid advertising was giving way to the ‘pull’ strategy of brand clarity.”

To date, a number of Tungsten branded firms have grown from startups to multinational corporations - companies like PODS, TeamLogicIT, Liazon, and Ricova. In addition, Tungsten has worked extensively on company rebranding projects that have helped propel companies to the next level, brand names such as StarMark, Upouria, Big Earth, Inugo and Rivion.  In total, Tungsten has named over 250 regional, national and international firms.  

Our goal is to utilize best naming practices to bring out your best company qualities, and develop your identity into a comprehensive brand story, complete with a platform that ensures continued growth.