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Whether naming a startup or rebranding your company, the right company naming agency makes all the difference. We've helped over 250 companies create brilliant brand names. And we've done it for just about every industry, from tech and medical firms to retailers, franchises and non-profit organizations. If you are a startup, or a company in need of a better, brighter brand identity, we can help.

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From name creation and domain name acquisition to brand collateral and logo identity development. 

Company Naming

Company Naming Service

Tungsten Branding provides comprehensive company naming and branding services customized to meet your exact requirements. We start with a thorough review and analysis of your specific naming challenge, whether it’s a trademark issue, an outdated, misleading or confusing name, or the start of a new division or corporation. We then help develop your branding criteria, the guidelines to ensure the project stays on track and achieves your goals. Then we go to work crafting your story. We do the heavy lifting of researching, imagining and presenting compelling company brand names that can serve as future messaging platforms - ones that grow and expand over time. It's all about fit-to-concept -- names that reflect your unique core values and inspire conversations.

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Company Rebranding Service

Changing an established company name is serious business. Having the right people, process and implementation policies in place makes all the difference. Tungsten has successfully rebranded dozens of national and international firms, ranging from retailers and franchises to medical, industrial and IT consultants. From the initial brand discovery meeting and brand development worksheet, to the creation of naming criteria and creative milestones, we set the stage for successful brand development. Our team of expert namers will work to create branding candidates that meet your overall objectives and provide a timeless brand platform that will grow and expand over time. We also offer brand validation research, linguistic screening and other services to ensure broad acceptance and ease of transition. We’ll work with your team on implementation strategies and timetables to keep everyone on board, on track and on target.

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Trademark Research

Trademark Research

Finding the right name is only part of the company naming equation. Making it sure it’s legally available completes the assignment. At Tungsten, we provide preliminary trademark research with the names we develop, typically a search of the database and a search of Google search results. Once the top naming finalists are determined, we can provide a comprehensive trademark search to provide a deep dive into any look alike or sound alike names. We recommend reviewing all final research finding with your own legal counsel and having him or her file the actual trademark application. Your counsel will have a better read and understanding of your actual goods and services category and what constitutes a potential conflict. We can also provide outside trademark referrals upon request, attorneys that specialize in intellectual property rights. Either way, with your counsel or with a referred attorney, you can rest assured that your brand name receives thorough review and analysis.

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Product Branding

Product Branding Service

Naming a product comes with a unique set of challenges. (e.g. Will the product be singular in nature or part of a future brand line of related products?  Does the name need to tie back into the company or an existing naming architecture? Will the product morph in any way that will require a naming strategy for brand extensions?) Knowing the right questions to ask, and coming up with the best product naming strategy, requires deep expertise. At Tungsten Branding, we’ve worked extensively in product naming, from beauty and cosmetics to food, beverage, and fashion. In addition, we’ve collaborated in creating financial service and even industrial product brand lines. While the categories may differ, the naming process remains consistent - analyzing the exact needs and brand parameters of each project and creating names that blend, dovetail, and compliment the company brand strategy and naming hierarchy. That’s a fancy way to say the names need to work, both functionally and intuitively, to achieve the goal.

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Brand Identity

Visual Brand Identity

While company naming constitutes the verbal portion of a company brand, the visual design elements provide supporting context that can strengthen the brand name and increase memorability and recall. Our designers work to create compelling logos and imagery that support the brand messaging and positioning. In other words, we don’t just design for design’s sake, or create trendy logos based on passing fads. Each icon, mascot, type font, color and design element is reviewed with the goal of further clarifying and complementing the company name. Both name and logo should work in tandem to communicate in a clear, concise and compelling manner. By establishing a brand that sounds right and looks right, you create a powerful dynamic that will serve to build brand identity and awareness. From corporate logo design to social media icons, we’ll have your brand in step and in sync from day one.

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"A brand without clarity is just activity"

-Phil Davis

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