Phil Davis

Why wing it when you can follow a proven process   Naming a new company is never easy, but naming an IT/tech company is especially tricky, given the tens of thousands of aspiring new startups each year, all vying for notoriety, that coveted “white space” that sets a company apart. The importance of a good…

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Here at Tungsten Branding, we provide comprehensive naming and branding services tailored towards entrepreneurs, consultants, and startups. We specialize in rebranding expanding businesses that have developed or shifted their identity. Tungsten is proudly known for brand name creation that aligns a company’s name and messaging with its core capabilities and values. With 2018 coming to…

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how to come up with a brand name

6 Steps for Finding the Perfect Brand Name for Your Company, Product or Service So you’ve come up with a new business concept, a new product line or a professional service. Now you’ve got to figure out how to come up with a brand name. At this point, you’ve mastered the hard parts, e.g. the…

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