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Company Naming vs. Company Branding

By Phil Davis | February 18, 2013
Company Naming and Company Branding

The difference between naming a company and branding a company is the difference between sharing a simple hello vs. sharing a great conversation.

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Brands Gone Wild – Why Animals, Bugs & Beasts Make for Great Brand Names

By Phil Davis | January 31, 2013
creative company names

Let’s face it… when it comes to creating a company or product brand name, it’s a real jungle out there. With thousands of new businesses starting each day, stand out brand names can seem like a vanishing species. A number of successful firms have turned to animal names to give their brands a more human touch. Here’s why…

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Rebranding Your Company — Five Steps to Renaming Your Business

By Phil Davis | January 20, 2013
rebranding your company

Changing your company name requires careful consideration and planning to achieve a successful outcome.

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Rebranding vs. Repositioning

By Phil Davis | December 20, 2012
rebranding strategy

The right branding strategy makes all the difference. As companies grow, product lines expand and market conditions change, business owners often find themselves with a company brand image that no longer reflects who they are or what they do. Perhaps they started in a niche market, or with a very specific product, and built their entire company identity around it — and the business now serves a different, bigger or more diverse customer base.

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Company Brand Names That Rhyme

By Phil Davis | October 15, 2012

One of the “stickiest” of all company branding techniques is rhyming. From Stub Hub to Piggly Wiggly, here’s a list of creative (and memorable) businesses that have used rhyming in their name, to establish and their claim their fame!

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4 Smart Reasons for Changing Your Company Name

By Phil Davis | June 8, 2012
company name

The start of most business introductions begins with the mention of the company name. So just how important is this little piece of verbal real estate? Is a better company name worth re-printing all the business letterhead you just purchased? And what about current customers – will they become confused or think something is wrong? Balancing the risks vs. rewards presents a challenge when considering a company name change, so here are four good reasons, four key indicators, that a company name change might well be in order.

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The Three Keys to High-Growth Branding

By Phil Davis | May 1, 2012

We’ve all witnessed it – the seemingly overnight success of some start ups that begs the question “what am I doing wrong here?” Is it the idea? The timing? The commitment? Why do some companies transform into breakout brands, while others struggle along? In my 25 plus years of working with entrepreneurs and start ups, I noticed three similarities between the companies that skyrocket vs. the ones that sputter out. Here are three ingredients that will fortify your brand for immediate growth.

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Cost For Naming a Company

By Phil Davis | April 29, 2012
cost for naming a company

Trying to name a company is no simple task. But with the right budget, expert help is available.

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Naming a Corporation

By Phil Davis | April 7, 2012
naming a corporation

They set the mood, tone, and personality of the organization. Typically the corporate name serves a more background, or supportive role than a consumer-facing service or product name. For example, Apple serves as the umbrella corporate name while Mac (Macintosh) and the “i” names have served as the leading product names. This type of corporate naming strategy allows future brand extensions and an overall brand “architecture.”

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Before Branding Your Company, Determine Your Position

By Phil Davis | March 9, 2012

Knowing what position your company occupies in your industry will help differentiate your from your competitors

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