Creating the right health services brand can improve your company’s bottom line

Naming your medical services companies sets the tone and expectation in your customer’s mind, so it’s vital to have a brand name that reflects your core mission and benefit. It’s also paramount to have a memorable name, one that potential users and buyers can easily recall. By combining mission, message and memorability, you will have a stand out medical brand that clearly speaks to your audience.
At Tungsten Branding, we customize each branding assignment to fit the needs of the project. We listen deeply to understand the drivers behind the company, the key differentiators that make your company stand out. What you won’t find here are the common, garden variety names that blend in with the masses, making it hard to find in a Google search and nearly impossible to remember (e.g. Medical Associates, Wellness Partners, Midtown Medical, etc.)
We don’t base our names on geography, equipment, or people. We base brands on attributes, timeless qualities that won’t change. We key in on what makes you different and then create supportive taglines, messaging, brand stories and visuals that further tell the story.

Canary Insights – A Medical Reimbursement IT Platform

What healthcare provider out there can keep up with the myriad of governmental and insurance changes that take place every day? When our client came to us looking for a name that captured the urgent sense of sounding the alarm, ringing the bell, and alerting customers to changes in reimbursement policies, we looked for metaphors that communicated the ability to warn of impending danger. We hit on the story of canaries that miners used to notify workers if the air was safe to breathe. Rather than a lame name like Medical Advisory Associates, the client went with Canary Insights, a memorable name that started conversations and elicited a few “ah-has!” The name proved to be a bright decision and her brand took flight.

Advanas – Foot & Ankle Specialists

Coming up with a great medical name can lead to hand, foot, and mouth disease (e.g. stumbling with pronunciation, a rash of bad ideas, and overall mental exhaustion.) Our medical client was looking for a cure to this branding malady. Since his focus was on feet, we created a name that communicated the ability to move forward, take a step in the right direction, and utilize advanced medical technologies. Unlike a metaphor, this naming assignment employed a coined or invented naming strategy. These names offer a clean slate from which to build the brand message. We took the added “step” of embedding the name with the prefix of “Adv” from advanced, advancing, and advancement, giving him a leg up on the competition. Having multiple locations allowed him to expand without the problems associated with geographic brand names. The result? A brand that stands tall and shines clear.

Wellmera – A Medical Consulting Firm

This Swiss-based medical management consultancy needed a name that conveyed the wide breadth and scope of its service offerings. From market access to product development, they help steer, guide, and implement strategies that lead to financial success and wellness. From all the various naming strategies, we went with a descriptive hybrid name (much like JetBlue, CarMax, LendingTree, etc.) These names provide a sense of industry, coupled with an evocative suffix. The “mera” suffix has a Latin based sensibility. The Wellmera name sounds both corporate and credible while also exuding an approachable feel. By turning to Tungsten, this health care service provider got off to a healthy start.

TKO Surgical – Surgical Equipment Distributor

When this client came to us, they were in a fighting mood. They had left big medical equipment companies in order to create a startup dedicated to defending patients, doctors, and hospitals needs. They worked to give the patient the best possible medical devices, they wanted to be a resource for the doctors that needed info, and they wanted to serve as a cost saver to the hospitals needing better pricing to stay solvent. At every turn they encountered resistance because of embedded interest – but they were determined to make a difference. The name came quickly… TKO, shorthand for “Technical Knock Out.” The name clearly communicated their fighting spirit as well as their commitment to technical excellence. With this name they had an immediate marketing lexicon such as “Delivering the one-two punch,” “We’re in your corner,” and “We’ll go to the mat for you.” These types of names provide more than an identity, they provide a marketing platform. If you need a great medical name, turn to the them that’s fit for the job – Tungsten.

Bellesoma – Revolutionary Surgical Technique

When Dr. Horndeski developed an innovative procedure for breast lifts and reductions, he needed a name that communicated the end benefit – beauty and physical relief. The methodology was proprietary, requiring a unique, memorable, and approachable name that inspired trust and confidence. The Tungsten team went with the Latin based “Belle” meaning beauty, as well as the Latin word for body, “soma.” By combining these inter-related words, the essence of physical beauty and health came together to form a welcoming and pleasant brand name that fit the part. If you require a medical name that enhances your brand appearance, turn to the beautiful minds at Tungsten.

If you are in need of a brilliant brand name for your medical company, just fill out our Getting Started form for a no-obligation assessment of your project. Or call us at 828-877-2699 to discuss your needs. Either way, we’ll provide recommendations and solutions for branding that adds value to your bottom line.

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BY Phil Davis

Brand Naming Expert

With over twenty-five years of company naming and branding expertise, Tungsten founder Phil Davis is a marketing and advertising veteran, having personally named over 250 companies, products and services worldwide. As a sought-after naming expert, Phil has been quoted in The Wall Street Journal,, Businessweek, Entrepreneur, and Newsday.

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