Episode 023: How much does it cost to brand a startup company?

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Originally aired weekly August 2017 - August 2018 With host Phil Davis

Show Description

"Brilliant Branding" shines the spotlight, and provides valuable insights, into the most common, and frustrating company identity issues facing startups, entrepreneurs, consultants, and even established business owners. Topics address timely issues such as effective naming strategies, smart logo design, tips for trademarking, clear brand messaging, engaging social media and reputation management. We take a deep dive to uncover the "pivot point" of an organization, the "why" behind each business to help build a more clear, cohesive and compelling brand image.


Branding a startup company can take a bite out of the entrepreneurial budget. So knowing how much to spend, and how to spend it, can make all the difference.

In today’s show, we’ll share inside secrets for branding on the cheap, branding in a short time frame, and customized branding that fits the bill to a tee.

No matter your budget, we’ll run you through all the options to have you and your new startup shining bright.

From the initial company name, tagline and logo, through the brand messaging and positioning, we’ll discuss how to take a DIY approach, and/or how to get the most bang for your buck from hiring a professional naming and branding firm.

The cost to brand a startup company doesn’t have to break the bank. Tune in and check out the brightest branding tips of any podcast this side of Dixie. And read more insights at TungstenBranding.com