Episode 031: Brand Architecture: From Chaos to Clarity

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Originally aired weekly August 2017 - August 2018 With host Phil Davis

Show Description

"Brilliant Branding" shines the spotlight, and provides valuable insights, into the most common, and frustrating company identity issues facing startups, entrepreneurs, consultants, and even established business owners. Topics address timely issues such as effective naming strategies, smart logo design, tips for trademarking, clear brand messaging, engaging social media and reputation management. We take a deep dive to uncover the "pivot point" of an organization, the "why" behind each business to help build a more clear, cohesive and compelling brand image.


When companies grow and add new products and services, they often experience “brand sprawl.” Soon the product lines sound like a hodge podge of acronyms, modifiers and alphanumeric add ons. There is no architecture to their brand architecture.

What started as a crystal clear company brand identity becomes clouded and confusing, with multiple, mixed and/or overlapping naming conventions.

On today’s show we explore proven strategies and methodologies for cleaning up your brand language. We provide four examples of how companies can categorize their products and service offerings to communicate their brand message in a common sense way.

If you are struggling with your brand nomenclature, this is the show for you. To get your brand architecture right, you need to make it bright!