Episode 026: Reposition Your Brand to Boost Your Bottom Line

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Originally aired weekly August 2017 - August 2018 With host Phil Davis

Show Description

"Brilliant Branding" shines the spotlight, and provides valuable insights, into the most common, and frustrating company identity issues facing startups, entrepreneurs, consultants, and even established business owners. Topics address timely issues such as effective naming strategies, smart logo design, tips for trademarking, clear brand messaging, engaging social media and reputation management. We take a deep dive to uncover the "pivot point" of an organization, the "why" behind each business to help build a more clear, cohesive and compelling brand image.


Is your company bottled up with a small identity? Maybe it’s tied to a specific geographic market or a single product line you’ve outgrown. Is your current market or industry in a state of decline? If so, it’s time to reposition your brand to reflect great capabilities, expanded services—or an entirely new direction. It’s time to boost your bottom line.

In this episode, you’ll discover how to avoid the mistakes of Polaroid, Blockbuster, and CompUSA. You’ll learn how to proactively identify and redirect your brand based on your unique skill sets. In essence, you’ll look at how to redeploy your skills to make more money and live your brand more congruently.

What’s more, you’ll learn when it’s time to simply reposition through messaging or when it’s time to reposition and rebrand your entire identity.

By repositioning your brand, you’ll not only boost your bottom line. You could very well avoid a catastrophic business failure due to product identified branding. Learn to brand the bright way on this edition of Brilliant Branding!