Episode 022: What do I need to brand my business?

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Originally aired weekly August 2017 - August 2018 With host Phil Davis

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"Brilliant Branding" shines the spotlight, and provides valuable insights, into the most common, and frustrating company identity issues facing startups, entrepreneurs, consultants, and even established business owners. Topics address timely issues such as effective naming strategies, smart logo design, tips for trademarking, clear brand messaging, engaging social media and reputation management. We take a deep dive to uncover the "pivot point" of an organization, the "why" behind each business to help build a more clear, cohesive and compelling brand image.


Episode 022: What do I need to brand my business?

What’s the difference between running a business and building a brand? How do you “brand” a business and just what does that mean? You’ll find out on today’s information packed show.

Discover the difference between branding and “fame.” (Hint: fame can be bought, branding must be earned.)

Identify your pivot point, what truly empowers your brand

See if your company name, mission, tag and identity all line up, or if they are fuzzy and disconnected

Find out how to create an aligned brand that stands for something more than the products and services you serve, branding based on attributes not things

By identifying what drives your company, and aligning your company brand name, visual identity and messaging, you can create a powerful, brilliant brand that stands for something.

Why simply have a business, one that comes and goes based on temporary product demand, when you can own a timeless attribute like efficiency, innovation or safety?

It’s all about building brands, ones that shine, on today’s Brilliant Branding podcast.