A national franchise brand name that’s altogether different


The Challenge: Create a brand name for a nationwide IT franchise

When Franchise Service (owners of Sir Speedy® and PIP Printing®) approached us to brand their new IT business, they needed a name that would resonate with both the end-users as well as potential franchisees. After examining the different naming strategies, we decided that “Positive Connotations” would work best for this brand (aka evergreen or perennial). This is a strategy that works well for a number of businesses.

The "Ah-ha" Moment: Why settle for groupthink when you can have TeamLogic?

Combining existing positive industry-related words in a unique way enabled us to obtain a trademark and establish a web presence. Both “Team” and “Logic” resonate well with potential clients who want dependable experts to install, repair, and maintain their networks and computer systems.

The goal of TeamLogicIT is to become the CarMax of the small business IT industry... replacing many of the mom and pop computer stores with a nationwide branded IT solution that people will know and trust. For most small business owners, the idea of a turn-key IT company that worked as a “team”, and used a common sense “logic” in their solutions, was an appealing alternative to the ad hoc providers with which they were accustomed to dealing.

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Scope of Work

Rebrand Strategy

Name Development

Tagline Development

Domain Name Acquisition


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