An aesthetic tech company looking to name a game changing technology


The Challenge: Create an timeless brand name for a breakthrough laser

When Dominion Aesthetics came to us, they were excited. They had recently perfected a game changing technology - a touchless body contouring system that could reshape the body and redefine the market.

What they needed was a brand name to match the product’s potential.

The "Ah-ha" Moment: Eon

When it comes to brilliant brand names, the best ones are clear, concise, compelling and consistent. In this case EON was all of the above. The name clearly communicates the age-defying abilities of the technology. And at just three letters, EON packs a potent and powerful punch. Best of all, the name allows for consistent messaging, quality and innovation that endures the test of time.

To complete the branding assignment, and to highlight the touchfree benefits of the device, the name was paired with the tagline “Above and Beyond.” Aesthetic practitioners nationwide have warmly embraced EON as a dominant technology brand name that can truly go the distance.

Eon-Dominion-Stationery Mockup

“Tungsten is an expert in branding—we wouldn’t use anyone else.”

Irma Woodruff
Director of Investor Relations

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Name Development

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Logo Design

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