A cybersecurity firm dedicated to defense


The Challenge: Create a powerful corporate brand name that communicates strength and flexibility

When this well-established, Canadian, internet security firm approached us, they had a couple of issues to address — another company with the same name, and a branded misspell to top it off. They needed a strong yet elegant solution that conveyed capability, flexibility, and trust.

The "Ah-ha" Moment: Lean on Latin to create a name that hammers on resiliency

The internet is a scary place these days. What was needed was a name that captured that Thor-like ability to defend and stop cyber attacks. The word Malleum is based on the Latin for hammer or mallet. It communicates not only the strike of the instrument, but the ability to shape and mold outcomes. In other words, it’s both strong and malleable, powerful and flexible. In addition, we were able to secure the exact matching .com, to further secure their identity as an industry heavy hitter.

Not every naming project requires Latin or invented constructions, but in this case both strategies were fitting. For a business services firm, this type of name provides a metaphor, and in turn a segue, into a deeper conversation about the business. And that’s a powerful device to add to any marketing toolbox.


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