A global aesthetic solutions company looking to highlight a new treatment


The Challenge: Find a brand name that says it all

As a global pioneer in laser technology, Lumenis came to us with a pressing need. Their latest multi modal skin treatment technology boasted a number of key benefits. And they needed a name that could highlight them all.

Reality check…

Most brand naming assignments require tough choices… e.g. evocative or descriptive? Invented or suggestive? Rarely can a brand name do it all, describe, evoke and suggest while still being unique enough to stand out. Clearing these naming hurdles required a streamlined process.

The "Ah-ha" Moment: SmoothGlo

While not literal, SmoothGlo walks the fine line between informational and inspirational. The name highlights the desired results, smoother skin and radiant looks, while still possessing a proprietary air. The “Glo” suffix provides an extra touch of “brandability.” When it comes to rough and discolored skin, who wouldn’t want SmoothGlo! These types of brand names speak for themselves, serving as a catalyst to the marketing efforts. SmoothGlo is now a recognized name in laser aesthetics serving a growing (and glowing) global clientele.


“The team at Tungsten Branding thinks of the big picture and every single detail.”

Renan Maslov
Product Manager & Head of Body Clinical Affairs, Lumenis

Scope of Work

Rebrand Strategy

Positioning Strategy

Name Development

Verbal Strategy - B2B & B2C

Visual Identity Development

Brand Guidelines

Domain Name Acquisition


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