A total knee replacement system


The Challenge: Create an exemplary Medtech brand name

Medical brand names can be tough. To succeed, you have to thread the needle between doctors, hospital administrators, and the end patient. Each group looks for different qualities and benefits. In the end, the name has to appeal to all three markets, but for different reasons.

The "Ah-ha" Moment: Develop a brand name that stands and delivers

Most medical brand names are literal, descriptive, or just plain boring. For our client, they had an orthotic knee replacement device that was on par with the best in the business, but affordable to more patients. This was a reason to celebrate. By having a successful knee replacement, weddings could be attended, golf could be played, grandkids could be hugged. The name needed to capture that sense of restoration, but on an emotive level. Exult proved to be just that name, imbued with a sense of celebration and relief. You could now relax, enjoy, and live your best life. Rather than describe the physical qualities of the product, we chose to highlight the emotional benefits of the procedure. In the end, the client had a brand name that felt right to all involved, giving doctors, administrators, and patients a reason to jump for joy.

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“Tungsten Branding demonstrated in-depth knowledge through the engagement. They answered every question I had and looked up solutions when they didn’t have a definitive answer. I felt that we were collaboratively working with a team of professionals, which was an enjoyable experience. The team was down-to-earth and fun to talk to. They used layperson terms and thoroughly understood our needs from the get-go.”

Mark Namec
General Manager, Corentec

Scope of Work

Rebrand Strategy

Name Development

Tagline Development

Brand Positioning

Core Messaging

Visual Identity Development

Brand Guidelines

Extensive Trademark Research

Domain Name Acquisition


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