Unite 4 businesses acquired in a merger

Q Medical

The Challenge: Unite 4 business units acquired from a merger under one umbrella

When Q Medical Devices acquired Degania, Arthesys and Biometrix, they knew they needed to streamline their brands in order to create clarity both internally and externally. Along with the acquisitions, they also planned to move a their own business unit, QURE, under the Q Medical Devices umbrella.


The "Ah-ha" Moment: Through our discovery process, we worked with QMD to identify a singular pivot point - the central attribute around which all these products and services revolve

Discussion and analysis made it clear that QMD was all about performance. Whether it was their people, products or service - they came through and performed. We used this as a jumping off point to develop taglines that aligned both in message as well as structure:

Q Medical Devices: People Powered Performance

Degania: Designed To Deliver
Arthesys: Advanced By Innovation
Biometrix: Performance For Life
Qure: Crafted With Precision

Each tagline spoke to each individual brand’s products and capabilities while aligning with the umbrella brand. To create complete cohesion, we created matching visuals with a color coding system to identify each unique brand. Q Medical Devices and its units went from brand chaos to total brand clarity.

Close up view ona central venous catheter and a guide wire

Scope of Work

Brand Architecture

Brand Positioning

Story Development

Tagline & Messaging Creation

Visual Id System For Brand Family

Brand Book & Styleguide


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