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Project Details

  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Discovery
  • Brand Facilitation
  • Name Concepting
  • Company Name Creation
  • Tag Line Creation
  • Domain Name Acquisition

The Challenge: Rebrand "Wholesale Landscape Supply" with a catchy new name that clients will remember

Imagine running an active retail business with four locations, a history of customer satisfaction, trucks driving all over town, and despite it all — customers still asking the name of the business when writing out a check. That’s the problem Adam Rickert faced each day at Wholesale Landscape Supply in Florida. We call these Teflon names, because they just don’t stick. And to make matters worse, a good percentage of his best customers were retail buyers looking to purchase in volume. Other potential customers refused to buy, thinking it was just a “landscape company.” So in addition to being a forgettable name, it was no longer even accurate. What to do?

Time to turn on the lights!

Adam actually met with us in the little berg of Brevard, NC. (It’s a great place to vacation by the way.) We sat down at lunch and he shared how frustrating it was to work hard, do well and get little credit for it. He knew on some level that his company identity was holding them back. He needed an an answer.

The Solution: Create a brand name that speaks volumes

Descriptive names are like a snap shot. They may capture the identity of a company at one point in time, but they are static, stuck in time, and inflexible. Adam needed something that would allow his company to grow, change and evolve as his company expanded. It needed to underscore his company’s pivot point, or core value proposition, which was selling quality outdoor ground cover in volume. He needed a name that conveyed their position in the market… large and in charge. The answer?

Big Earth!

This name says it all, huge helping of earthy, gritty goodness, in great big piles, stacked neat and deep. Mulch, dirt, rocks, sod, you-name-it, they have it. And the results were immediate. Customers took notice, people asked about the name, employees got pumped up. The question “What’s Big Earth?” provided the perfect conversation starter. It sparked interest and made an impression. Within the first year of the rebranding, company sales were up 200%, and the company continues to thrive.

Here’s the take away. Adam’s company was already doing the right things, taking care of customers, delivering exceptional service. He just needed to give his clients a better way to remember, recall and reconnect with his company — something that would give him a theme, a story, an icon. In short, he needed a company name that customers would really dig.

If you are looking for some big ideas, then turn to Tungsten to shed the light. Whether renaming, rebranding or starting a new business, we’ll work with you to create a bigger, brighter brand identity. Just flip the switch to get started.

“Phil I have to tell you that you may be a genius.  Everywhere I go people see our name or hear it and guess what they do.  They repeat Big Earth back to themselves.  Not only that but our shirts say Big Earth and we went to a chamber event today and people were actually stopping us asking us what is Big Earth.  Nobody ever cared about Wholesale Landscape Supply.  I was driving one of our big company trucks and saw a lady read the side of the truck and I could see her lips move to Big Earth.  All trucks, stationary, website and everything else now has Big Earth. I think you may have hit a homerun and I do pity my competition just like you said I would. This name is going to take us to levels we never imagined.

Another thing our sales were dropping since 2006 and the last qtr of 2009 and January is proving to be very profitable.  There is no reason for growth in sales.  Our market is dearly depressed and we are growing again. The only change we have made is the name.  Anyways I thought I would encourage you and if anything I am not telling the whole story.  This is really good stuff.  Thanks.”

Adam Rickert, President
Big Earth