Project Details

  • Brand Discovery
  • Name Concepting
  • Name Creation
  • Corporate Logo Design

The Challenge: Brand a portable waste disposal product for Waste Management

A Branding Job We Couldn't "Refuse"

When a PODS franchise client needed a new name for a storage product he discovered, he knew the place to come. We worked collaboratively with both him and the couple that developed this novel idea -- foldable storage bags that could be bought at a big box store, filled with debris, and hauled off for easy disposal. We brainstormed a number of great names... one of our favorites was Hopper! (Imagine a green bag called the Hopper with a smiling frog.) Another one on the short list was "Towster" -- emphasizing it's ability to be whisked away. That name lead the client to hit on Bagster, the eventual winner.

So from hopping to towing to bagging, the iterative process lead to a successful outcome. So, if you're looking to bag a great name, then let us do the heavy lifting!

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