A UAV manufacturer seeks a company and product name duo


The Challenge: When to differentiate if the sky’s the limit

After Terrafuiga took to the sky with the flying car, they found a new horizon to explore in the UAV space. Developed for vast surveying projects, the new UAV could go higher, fly farther, lift more, and relay information better than any other drone in the same market. The question: should the new technology land under the Terrafugia name, or should the new tech soar with a name of its own?

The "Ah-ha" Moment: Time to put a new pair in the air?

On our mission to find a brand new home, we started by exploring names for the UAV itself. During the operation we identified the perfect company name, Commaris. Combining themes of commercial aviation with all things sky, stars, navigation, and guidance, Commaris was seen as a name that transcended the product naming exercise to live as the new company name within the Terrafugia brand.

With Commaris secured as the company name, we returned to the UAV name mission. The name quickly became apparent. What perfectly describes a technology that searches, finds, and relays information from the sky? Enter, Seeker.

The new pair in the air, Commaris and Seeker, easily compliment one another while leaving room for future growth and development. After logo, color, and style guide development, the duo made their debut in the same year at the Commercial UAV Expo in Vegas!


"They had a lot of good chemistry among themselves — that was infectious."

Fred Bedard
Head of Business Development

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