A national retail line of dog training products


The Challenge: Transform a misleading name into a brand that shines

This client wanted a timeless name that could evolve as they grew. They specialized in dog training courses and dog training toys. Their previous name, TripleCrown, conjured up images of horses and horse racing. The most problematic names in branding are not boring or meaningless names, but misleading ones. They require effort to explain and TripleCrown was simply off track.

The "Ah-ha" Moment: Create an evergreen brand name that loyal fans will love

One of our favorite naming strategies is the “evergreen” or “perennial” approach to branding. Rather than starting with a coined/blank slate name, with no inherent meaning, we choose words that capture the essence of the brand -- words that come pre-imbued with a positive meaning. To avoid this misleading association, we focused on the outcomes they provide, e.g. high-quality goods, the gold standard, the mark of excellence, star pupils, shining product reviews, etc. These end benefits never tire, wear out, or become obsolete and outdated. The name would also work if they expanded to other pets or other product lines. This brand name now fills entire rows of national pet chains and continues to showcase their quality and their brilliance.

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