Two physicians with a growing vision

Orlando Eye Institute

The Challenge: Adjust a brand that has lost its focus

Orlando Eye Institute came to us with two problems: first, they weren’t based in Orlando, and second, their services offerings extended well beyond eye care. After a few conversations with the two vibrant owners, a third problem arose - the current name didn’t capture their unique personalities, abilities, and aspirations. With this, the name went from not working for them to actively working against them. Simply put, they had outgrown the Orlando Eye Institute brand.

The "Ah-ha" Moment: Set eyes on a name that allows growth

So, what do you do when your name doesn’t capture your capabilities or personality? You rebrand, of course. You take some time to refocus, rediscover, and reinvent. From this new world of possibility, the name Remagin was born. On a functional level, the new name isn’t regionally constricted and doesn’t limit their service offerings. More than this, the name is aspirational. When Orlando Eye Institute chose to become Remagin, they decided to own the power of possibility. The name inspires clients into action - to envision a future where their ophthalmological and oculofacial needs are not only met, but exceeded. Refine. Refocus. Remagin.


"[Tungsten’s] team was able to think outside the norm to give us what we wanted."

Deepak Raja
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