A watch accessory brand set ahead of the times


The Challenge: Putting your best wrist forward in a crowded market

A true aficionado knows that watches aren’t for telling time, they are for making a statement. This dignified statement, however, can become expensive when you have to constantly buy new timepieces. To solve this, our client presented us with a platform that allows users to match the timepieces in their collection with a near endless array of strap and accessory options. With the platform, you can avoid buying watch after watch for every new suit, and instead bring new life to your favorite pieces. He had the great idea, now it was up to us to create a brand that stands out in a sea of watch accessory brands,

The "Ah-ha" Moment: Time for a curated approach that brings your individuality forward

In our many conversations we were able to pinpoint what many people want when they choose to wear a watch. They want to express themselves without making a spectacle of themselves. When you extend your hand forward to shake hands with an acquaintance, a watch is an understated statement that silently speaks volumes.

Anterior - a medical term meaning positioned nearer to the front or ahead of, became the name for the platform because the meaning is somewhat hidden. It is a hint at the forward position of the arm as you reach out to check the time or shake hands. In this way, the concept mirrors the watch wearers mentality and becomes a subtle statement for those in the know.

With the name in place, we focused our efforts on building brand messaging and visuals that highlighted the lifestyle of the individual who wants to express themselves through what they wear. The final brand struck a balance between elevated sophistication, subtle refinement, and detailed expression.


Scope of Work

Name Development

Positioning Strategy

Brand Messaging

Visual Identity Development

Logo Design

Brand Style Guidelines


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