A combined rebrand that goes above and beyond


The Challenge: Create an aspiring brand name for a credit union merger

Crafting a compelling brand identity in the crowded financial sector is a lofty goal. With so many competing options due to the big national brands and new fintech services, a crystal clear brand identity is more important than ever. That’s why Charlotte Metro and Premier Federal Credit Union turned to the trusted naming experts at Tungsten Branding. They had understandable concerns regarding their rebrand, including…
● A legacy name (Charlotte Metro) that was geographically based
● A expanding new customer base (not just municipal employees)
● A recent merger with Premier Federal Credit Union
● An growing service area with 17 branch locations across the Carolinas
● A need to shift toward more flexible, digital, and cloud-based offerings
● A need to appeal to a younger, mobile-centric, demographic

The "Ah-ha" Moment: Introducing Skyla, a rising new name with limitless potential

After a comprehensive interview process and thorough analysis, the Tungsten team curated and facilitated multiple rounds of naming candidates. The focus of the discussions turned towards names that highlighted possibility, with the notion of elevating and achieving their customers' financial hopes and dreams. To capture that sense of upward progress and financial mobility Tungsten curated invented names with expansive qualities. The winning result was Skyla, a name that resonates with hope, optimism and opportunity. The name elevates the brand while positioning the organization for a digital and cloud-based future.

"Following the merger of Charlotte Metro and Premier FCU, we knew we needed a brand that would embrace all of the communities we serve while symbolizing our mission to teach, guide, direct and educate our consumers so they may live a richer, more meaningful and expansive lifestyle,"

Eric Gelly
President & CEO, Skyla Credit Union

Scope of Work

Rebrand Strategy
Name Development
Tagline & Core Messaging
Brand Positioning
Visual Identity Development

Brand Guidelines
Collateral & Visual Asset Development
Plastics Development & Design
Domain Name Acquisition

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