A custom cabinetry maker

Arbor Mills

The Challenge: Jailbreak a geographically named company and set their brand free

Joliet Cabinetry suffered from a few company naming problems. Primarily their name limited them to their geographic marketplace, even though they had expanded outside of Joliet, Illinois. Secondarily, the name Joliet was associated with a large nearby prison. Most companies like to have a captive audience, but this wasn’t the type they had in mind.

The "Ah-ha" Moment: Create a more natural name that has room to grow

Since this company excels at custom cabinetry, we wanted a name that exudes a sense of natural authenticity. We employed a “positive connotation” strategy, or what we sometimes refer to as an “evergreen” name. By combining the wood-ish sounding “Arbor” with the craftsman connotation of “Mills,” we created an intuitive company brand name that works.

If you are imprisoned by a limiting brand name, let Tungsten help plan your escape. Just contact us for a no-obligation assessment.

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