A timeless brand name that reaches new heights


The Challenge: Create a wealth management brand identity that transcends generations

The client’s existing name was a classic financial services construction,
a generic acronym of RPA Wealth – retirement planning associates.
These literal/descriptive names do little to nothing to differentiate a brand in the market. They also compete with any other company with the same letters.

The "Ah-ha" Moment: Develop a unique and aspirational brand name that elevates the client’s abilities

This particular client was based in Clermont, California and they were in the midst of building a financial firm with a very definite mission. They wanted a name to capture and reflect that mission – one that would “stand strong for many years to come.” As wealth managers they had a heart for both their community and for maximizing the number of years their clients could enjoy
their retirement years, the more the better, and it was genuine. They also wanted a name that reached across generations.

Evermont was just that name.

The “Ever” spoke to the client’s vision, their drive to create long term sustainable financial solutions that endure. The “mont” spoke to their locale, Clermont, and provided that touchpoint of community. To quote Brent Pasqua, “I want a name that tells a story of who we are and that we actually care. That we care about people for who they are and not just what we can do for them.” Evermont… “Retirement planning designed to endure the test of time.”

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Scope of Work

Name Development

Positioning Strategy

Messaging Development

Visual Identity Development

Logo Design

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