Products of the Mind – Phil Davis, Professional Namer of Things

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December 21, 2015

WRITTEN BY: David Lizerbram

Ever wonder how to create a commonly understood name for your brand that can still be owned? Have you had problems with restrictive domains? Do you know how the size and scope of your company can impact brand naming and recognition? Can’t decide between The Pope and Lady Gaga as your spokesperson? Listen in as Phil explores the common issues that entrepreneurs and large businesses alike deal with when it comes to naming their brand or rebranding their name. Also: what’s unique about Tom’s Shoes, how to not get stuck in the left-brain world, and how kickboxing and exercise can purge your brain of that pesky creative carbon buildup.

About Phil Davis

Brand Naming Expert

With over twenty-five years of company naming and branding expertise, Tungsten founder Phil Davis is a marketing and advertising veteran, having personally named over 250 companies, products and services worldwide. As a sought-after naming expert, Phil has been quoted in The Wall Street Journal,, Businessweek, Entrepreneur, and Newsday.

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