KeySystems – Naming Experts’ 21 Tips to Choose the Right Domain Name in the New Top Level Domain Space

What’s the right domain name to use as your web address? To help me out I got valuable input from some of the best naming specialists in the world. They spend their time brainstorming new brand names – and domain names is a natural part of their conversation with clients. I asked Phil Davis, a world renowned naming expert, what his thoughts were on making the choice between .com and the new domain extensions for your business. As a general rule, I advise my clients to go with a .com, since it’s the default behavior of most internet users to type that extension. When using a new TLD extension, you, as the business owner, are doing the heavy lifting in helping to promote and educate the public about that extension, and it can prove disruptive to your own message (e.g. having to stop and explain that the name ends in .xyz vs. .com) I would wait for a significant precedent to be set in the market to pave the way before using the extension, which may happen at some point. The .com domain name will be the “downtown” real estate for the foreseeable future.

Phil Davis

With over twenty-five years of company naming and branding expertise, Tungsten founder Phil Davis is a marketing and advertising veteran, having personally named over 250 companies, products and services worldwide. As a sought-after naming expert, Phil has been quoted in The Wall Street Journal,, Businessweek, Entrepreneur, and Newsday.