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Company Naming Development

Creating the perfect company name requires knowledge, expertise and a proven process. Tungsten has helped over 250 regional, national and global firms find the best company name possible.

What is the best company name?

The best company name is the one that meets your brand criteria, the right "fit-to-concept." There is no "one-size-fits-all" naming strategy. There are no finger snapping short cuts - so that means we listen deeply, ask revealing questions, and take a deep dive into your world. In the end, your company name is all about you, not us, so we tailor each company naming project to produce the desired end result, from clever, creative e-commerce names to tried and trusted financial firm identities.

Whether you need to clear trademark hurdles, break out of a geographically confining or misleading name, or find a better company name with the exact matching .com domain name, we'll work with your specific list of requirements, combine it with our naming expertise, and produce brilliant company names that work. Rather than battling company naming issues, you'll move on to telling your brand story and building your business.

  • Company brand name development
  • Company brand story/name rationale
  • Matching tag line/positioning statement
  • Matching company logo design & files
  • Creation of a custom naming suite for presentation
  • Matching .com domain name (most cases)
  • Domain name acquisition services (when needed)
  • Comprehensive trademark research
  • Brand name validation research
  • Linguistic evaluation in multiple languages
  • Final brand style guide and/or brand story book

About our company naming process

Most company naming projects fail, not due to lack of ideas, but to a lack of process. Without the proper guidance and direction, company naming turns into spitballing ideas with no basis in reality. Perhaps you've been there. Too many cooks with no objective way to determine a winner.

That's no fun.

When we name a company, we start with a brand development form, an engaging one that asks question such as "If your company had a spokesperson, who who he or she be?" It's questions like these that help paint a picture of what your company is truly about. Rather than trite answers like "We're about quality and service," we get a profile of your company's unique personality.

We use this company naming worksheet to for our kick off meeting and we explore what you like, don't like, what's worked and not worked, and what you most hope to convey in your new name. This takes about an hour and it can be done by phone, WebEx or in person. We're very pretty people but phone conference typically works best.

Once we have a firm idea of who you are, what your challenges are, and where you are heading, we go to work using various company naming strategies to create great candidates that tick all your boxes. We go through hundreds of names to cultivate eight to ten vetted names that meet all the criteria.

We then create a custom naming suite to present your naming candidates. Each one comes on its own page, with a big photo, temporary tag line and the rationale. This way you can envision what your new company name could look like in advance, in full living color, without having to imagine the name from a list on paper. Clients love this approach. We choose eight to ten names at a time so you don't wax over and the names start sounding the same. This allows you to pick the direction you like best, the naming strategies that resonate most.

From your feedback in round one, we go back and tweak name, add others and get you even closer to your ideal company name. Think of it like a game of "hot and cold" where you simply tell us if we are getting hotter or colder. This keeps the process on track and moving forward, based on how the names compare to the branding criteria that we first established in the kick off meeting. Process plus experience will move you from the top of the funner (discovery) to the bottom of the funnel (final output.) And we should know, we've done this a few hundred times so we know how to do it bright!

Okay, that's great, but what does company naming cost?

An open checkbook is great, but most clients prefer a range before starting the company naming process. We have a complete naming price page that addresses most of these issues, but in short, the pricing is affected by three things...

  • The number of decision makers (the fewer the better)
  • The length of the assignment (the shorter the better)
  • The number of deliverables (more means more)

So think of the spectrum going from a single entrepreneur or consultant with no trademark concerns, needing just the name and needing it in two to three weeks. That type of project typically runs on the low end of company naming development, say $8,000 to $12,000.

On the other end, is a more consensus-building, rebranding project with a large non-profit or regional bank. This might involve a couple dozen decision makers, brand name validation testing, comprehensive trademark research, corporate identity development, branded design services, brand style guide and brand implementation strategy. These projects are often based on an RFP and can run anywhere from $30,000 to $300,000 depending on size and scope. (national vs. international for example.)

To gain a better feel for your company naming project, give us a call at 828.877.2699, or fill out our contact form, and we’ll conduct a needs assessment and provide you with clear options to keep you moving forward.