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As globally recognized company naming experts, the Tungsten team focuses on one thing and one thing only — creating crystal clear brand name identities that shine.

We utilize best naming practices to highlight your company's best qualities and develop your identity with a comprehensive brand story, complete with a platform that ensures continued growth.


Brand Name Creation

Smart company names begin with an intelligent naming process.
  • Brand Name Creation (Your identity)
  • Descriptor Phrase (Your “what”)
  • Tagline Development (Your “how”)
  • Brand Name Rationale (Your “why”)
  • Domain Name Acquisition
  • Preliminary Trademark Research


Is it time to get a new name? Get a leg up on your competitors.
  • Competitive Name Analysis
  • Development of Brand Criteria
  • Naming Ideation and Research
  • Preliminary Trademark Research
  • Contextual Visual Support
  • Consensus Management of the Naming Process

Brand Strategy

Find the missing piece—discover your brand positioning. 
  • Identification of Brand Name Attributes
  • Discussion of Unique Selling Proposition
  • Analysis of Competitive Positioning
  • Definition of Available White Space
  • Creation of Three to Four Brand Positionings

Visual Identity

Create a visual brand system that complements your name.
  • Company & Product Logo Design
  • Visual Brand System Development
  • Branded Collateral Design
  • Comprehensive Brand Style Guide

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We’ve helped over 500 brands get their story straight.

Whether naming a startup or rebranding your company, the right company naming agency makes all the difference. We provide naming and brand development services for startups, entrepreneurs, and midmarket companies looking to clarify their brand position and messaging.

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Gold Stars

Glowing words from grateful clients

Tungsten Branding has helped to name and brand over 500 companies, products and services worldwide. Here are just a few of the bright clients that we have had the privilege to work with over the past twenty years.

"For the record, changing our name to PODS was one of the best moves we ever made."

Peter Warhurst - President/Founder


“I can't tell you what a joy it has been to work with you. You made this whole effort fun and easy and I appreciate that.”

Chuck Lennon - Vice President

Teamlogic IT

“Tungsten brought an incredible focus to our team and created a future for our brand that we could never have accomplished on our own. The level of expertise and support provided by Phil and his team was absolutely exceptional. Our company has a new voice to share with others and we are grateful to the Tungsten team for their relentless efforts to pursue our success.”

Jennifer Kuemerle - Director of Operations

Beacon Path

“I’m convinced they are the professionals you need on your team if you truly want to take your organization to the next level.”

Dr. Trevor Neal - CEO


“Tungsten Branding was incredibly knowledgeable and pragmatic. Rebranding a company is often an emotional and complex exercise. There’s a whole range of logistics to consider, and they were great at handling that. Their team was fantastic at putting executives at ease in a way that was straightforward, but not bureaucratic. I found them exceptional overall.”

Grant Halloran - Chief Marketing Officer


“Our partnership with Tungsten has been instrumental in reaching a national audience. When we originally hired them, we were supplying about 300 retailers, which has since risen to about 4,000. Our sales numbers have increased at least tenfold.”

Mike Pope - Chief Marketing Officer

Harmony Outdoor Brands

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