Month: January 2015

MediaShower – 10,000 Hours in 10 Minutes: Phillip Davis on Naming and Branding

By Phil Davis | January 28, 2015

(Excerpts) Why should an entrepreneur turn to a professional for naming the company? Like any other aspect of starting a new business, an entrepreneur must allocate time and resources in the most efficient and effective manner to ensure success. To avoid the painful prospect of a botched launch or a trademark lawsuit, it best to hire naming professionals who live in that world every day. They can help you not only name, but also position the company so that the identity is built on a strong and lasting foundation.

How can the right branding strategy be the key to success? Branding is like setting the cornerstone on a house. If it’s not set correctly, nothing lines up as additions and new levels are added. The right and best strategy is to truly know what drives your business. In other words, “What business are you REALLY in?” Most entrepreneurs, in a rush to go to market, define themselves by their current products and services, and that’s a big mistake.

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The Company Naming Process – Finding Your Key Ingredients

By Phil Davis | January 7, 2015
company naming process

The key to any successful company naming project hinges on having the right objectives in mind, in the right order.

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