Month: June 2011

Your Brand Is Your Promise (What Are You Promising?)

By Phil Davis | June 5, 2011

When people mention the word “brand” they usually mean a well-known, well-defined company. That’s why consumers frequently mention names like Target, Rolex, Apple, BMW and others who have done an…

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Dyson Does It Again!

By Phil Davis | June 5, 2011
Dyson groom tool

It used to be that Apple and perhaps 3M owned the mental space for innovation. But Dyson is now joining the pack. Not satisfied to stop with their game changing…

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Successful Brand Strategy

By Phil Davis | June 2, 2011
brand strategy

Most business owners know enough about the power of effective branding to know they want it – they’re just not sure what “it” is. To make better sense of the…

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Brilliant Brand of the Week — Sole Society

By Phil Davis | June 1, 2011

When it comes to putting your best foot forward, you can’t do much better than this high stepping brand name. Sole Society works on so many levels. It contains a…

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