Month: March 2010

Is Your Company Brand Name an "Evergreen?"

By Phil Davis | March 24, 2010

Great brands are like big pine trees, they work year around. I sometimes refer to these as “perennial” brand names, since they don’t have to be “replanted” every new season,…

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Why Metaphors Make Great Company Brand Names

By Phil Davis | March 15, 2010

Picture the Perfect Business Name If a picture is truly worth one thousand words, then what better way to convey your corporate brand than with a metaphor? The hyperinflation of…

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Should Toyota put the brakes on its "Moving Forward" tag line?

By Phil Davis | March 11, 2010

When companies face a public relations crises, it’s easy to overlook the effects it has on the various brand messages. But if not monitored carefully, they can have the reverse…

Read More – Choosing the Right Name for your Franchise

By Phil Davis | March 10, 2010

(Excerpts) Phil Davis, president and owner of Tungsten Branding, a company-naming consultancy, agrees, saying, “Next to start-up capital, a great brand name is one of the most valuable assets a start-up franchise can possess.” So what are the elements that make up a winning franchise name? “Great brand names are typically memorable, engaging, and easy to both say and spell,” says Davis. “They also tend to be evocative versus descriptive.”

The right name will also give your franchise room to grow. “Think of your fledgling franchise as a new plant,” says Davis. “A one-gallon container might be big enough for its needs now, but what about in five years? Many franchisors find they become ‘root bound’ in just a few short years as products, services, and the economy changes.”

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Is Toyota’s "Brand Insulation Effect" Protecting Its Sales?

By Phil Davis | March 9, 2010

In a recent study released by Rice University, of the Toyota faithful, “Toyota owners maintained a more positive view of the company than their counterparts.” Furthermore the survey found that……

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Has the Brand Bubble Finally Burst?

By Phil Davis | March 2, 2010

Traditional thinking is that consumers will pay a premium for a brand name vs. an unbranded or store brand product. That thinking has faced a stiff challenge in the face…

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