Month: January 2009

The Best (And Worst) Company Names of All Time

By Phil Davis | January 5, 2009 today announced their list of the top ten best and worst company names of all time, based on feedback of top naming experts nationwide. Tungsten Branding’s recommendations comprised two…

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Inc – The Best (and Worst) Company Names of All Times

By Phil Davis | January 4, 2009

(Excerpts) “By using a memorable metaphor, Amazon really helped its brand grow.” says Phillip Davis, the founder of Tungsten Branding in Brevard, N.C. “The name positions the company as a source of abundance and diversity.” (JetBlue) is a descriptive hybrid that conveys the industry and provides a sense of open, blue skies,” Davis says. It also uses the newer ‘jet’ rather than the old-school ‘airline.’” (CompUSA) “The truncated geographic descriptor name limits the company to one category in one country,” Davis says. “If you’re looking for a computer in the U.S., this is your place. But for a DVD player? Who knows?”

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