Month: November 2007

The Number One Tagline Mistake

By Phil Davis | November 25, 2007

Tag lines can make or break a company. Nike’s “Just Do It” is arguably as famous as the company itself. For years, Coca Cola ads extolled “Coke Is It” and…

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Is Naming Your Company Driving You Crazy?

By Phil Davis | November 20, 2007

If naming your company or product is driving you half crazy, then in the words of Ann Landers, perhaps it’s time to “seek professional help.” This of course sounds self…

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Having an Ear for Company Naming

By Phil Davis | November 18, 2007

When Renee Emmett came looking for a business name for her marketing research company, she wanted a professional sounding name — one that highlighted her reputation for truly listening to…

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Branding a City — How to Turn Rodents into Revenue

By Phil Davis | November 17, 2007

When I first moved to the cozy little mountain town of Brevard, NC, I was struck by the incredible beauty of the place, from the Blue Ridge Parkway that weaves…

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