Our Name. Our Story.

It all began with a moment of clarity -- flash of insight.

After seventeen years of running a full service advertising firm in Tampa Bay, Tungsten founder Phil Davis hit on a thought. "Why not create a naming agency that focuses on brilliant branding so that companies don't have to compensate with expensive advertising and marketing?" Rather than spending hundreds of thousands in media buys, what if companies were so well named, aligned and branded that the marketing "drag co-efficient" was reduced significantly. In other words, the brand would speak for itself rather than being corrected, explained, and sold to consumers.

The result was Tungsten Branding.

Down to the Wire

The name comes from the filament in the light bulb, the one that Thomas Edison found after searching more than a thousand metals. It's a unique metal, one that can absorb a lot of energy, and translate that energy into light. And it's that light that provides insight and clarity. We think that's a great metaphor for what we do... allowing you to gain a clear understanding of just who you are, what you do and how you do it differently than anyone else.

As a company naming agency, we don't fabricate names out of thin air, we develop cohesive brands that support and highlight your strengths and capabilities. It's our belief that you are the brand, you hold the vision, and our job is to clarify your company image to best reflect your mission and purpose. We like to think Mr. Edison would be proud.

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An Illuminated Approach.

Tungsten Branding is comprised of a team of experienced, multi-disciplinary professionals, from graphic designers and linguistic experts to brand strategists and web developers. By drawing upon top tier talent, we're able to create clear and compelling brand identities that truly shine. Based in "America's Coolest Small Town" of Brevard, North Carolina, we hike, bike and visit waterfalls to keep our heads clear.

In addition to local talent, we maintain a global pool of job-specific specialists we utilize when needed. These include recognized "namers" with niche industry experience, as well as trademark researchers and name validation experts. In short, we'll staff a project to deliver the customized results that brilliant branding demands. Our goal is to create a brand identity that fits your company's unique needs, while reflecting your key strengths.