Our Team


Phil Davis

Founder / President

With over 25 years of brand name development experience, Phil Davis is one of the most quoted company naming experts globally. Phil's branding articles are frequently referenced by those researching and publishing branding related topics. He was recognized with a Price Waterhouse Up and Comer Award at the start of his career and continued by building a marketing firm that attracted a broad range of retail, medical, industrial and B2B clientele. Phil has worked regionally, nationally and internationally to build clear, compelling brand identities that convey a cohesive message. His commitment to brand clarity is the hallmark of Tungsten Branding. When not actively naming a company, Phil speaks on the subject of "brilliant branding" and best industry practices. He has served as both keynote branding speaker, as well as subject matter expert on brand development.


Liz Hiemstra

Project Strategist

Being raised by an English major and holding a degree in Public Health, Liz Hiemstra comes equipped with a unique vantage point into verbal and organizational branding. This combination of linguistic fascination and public service lead her into the field of professional services branding. Her tenure at Tungsten Branding has enabled her to deal with a wide range of clients ranging from start-up entrepreneurs to national non-profits. She has several national and international brand identities to her credit including Inugo.com, an international smart parking platform based in New Zealand and Upouria.com, a national coffee and tea flavoring in the food and beverage category. When not assisting in name development, she is frequently involved in entrepreneurial side projects.


Hunter Hall

Visual Designer

Hunter Hall is a recent addition to the Tungsten team. Her visual acuity and knack for design often leaves us speechless, (a tough thing to do here.) Hunter graduated from the University of North Carolina in Asheville with a B.S. in New Media and a minor in Business Marketing. The hallmark of her work is the attention to detail and the thoughtfulness of the design itself. Just as words and names contain meaning, Hunter looks to embed supportive visuals elements that help communicate the brand message. Hunter draws from her experience in photography, videography and 3D design to inform her work. Her competitive nature comes from years of Division 1 tennis tournaments. All that to say this. When Hunter does your design work, you will know that you’ve been served.


Mike McKearin

Digital Consultant

Mike Mckearin is an industry veteran with over 15 years experience in brand development, web application and commercial design. As an energetic and resourceful thinker, Mike has assisted in the creation of numerous disruptive technologies and innovations in web-based design and application services. Mike has served as founder of three web-based companies in addition to his role as a team leader of project development at Tungsten Branding. Beyond his eye for graphic and logo design, Mike is also proficient in multiple web programming languages. His ability to streamline otherwise complicated processes is an invaluable talent he brings to each assignment. Mike is a former noted rock climber who now spends most of his spare time getting a grip on his four offspring.

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