Brilliant Brands Begin with a Proven Process

Naming projects go awry when they lack parameters & prioritization. Achieving your desired outcome requires the right steps in the right order.

Following best practices creates a clear path

company naming brainstorming



We begin most branding assignments by meeting with your key stakeholders. This is where we listen to your “state of the union” and learn more about where you stand in the process.

Before branding a company, product, or service, we dig deeper to determine the end benefit, the true value or proposition, so that the branding remains anchored, relevant, and timeless. We call this “finding your pivot point”, that central theme that resonates throughout everything you do.

Reviewing and refining



It’s in the discussion of potential brand names that the team gets its “ah-ha!” moment. Someone will share a new twist or insight that transforms a good name into a great one. Or one name will spark a train of thought that leads to other possibilities. That’s the purpose of this process to help find and define the essence of your brand.

Once in awhile, a perfect name will pop right out, but more often one or two of the names will rise to the top and make more sense with each discussion. the story behind the brand will begin to emerge and the name will gain traction.

Developing the marketing platform



Rather than cutting you loose with a name, tag line, logo, and domain name, we’ll work with you to develop a marketing “lexicon”, or language set, to further enhance and support your brand message.

By developing this lexicon, you will be able to create a more meaningful and consistent brand message that highlights your core strengths.

Formulating the right brand strategy, creating a clear and distinctive brand identity, and positioning that brand in the right market segment are vital for both current and future business success.

Concepting and developing brand identities



Once we know what business you are truly in and we discover your pivot point, we look at how best to convey that message.

We work with you to determine which branding strategies best suit your needs, and then we go to work to find those names. We search through hundreds (and often thousands) of potential brand names to find the ones that best reflect your pivot point and brand message while meeting your brand criteria.

Selecting the winning name



Typically it requires one to three “rounds” of names to select the right candidate. Some of our best and brightest brand names were initially passed over in early stages of the process, only to be revisited again and again.

This is where it helps to air out each idea... how will the name be used, where it will be seen, how will it be used in a sentence, does it have “verb potential,” etc. Often there are several names that meet your branding criteria, and from there it’s a matter of choosing the one that feels the most fitting and comfortable.