Name Assessment: Evaluate potential names, strategies & options



There's a reason for the phrase "brand equity." Successful brands create loyalty, attract a following and command a premium. They are built around a central promise to the consumer -- one that must be maintained and protected at all times. Keeping that central focus requires clear-eyed perspective and insight. With Tungsten Branding on your team, you gain twenty-five years of branding expertise, knowledge that can prevent costly missteps while inspiring new ideas and opportunities. Rather than hire a mid-level marketing person, you can have senior brand management providing expert guidance. Here is what our brand management service provides...

  • Company brand name needs assessment
  • Identification of  company attributes and pivot point
  • Identification of key customer persona
  • Clarification of USP (Unique Selling Position)
  • Review of company name and naming candidates
  • Review of competitive naming landscape
  • Evaluation and ranking of proposed names
  • Discussion of naming strategies & options

Benefits of Company Brand Name Evaluation

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and that holds especially true when it comes to naming your company. By consulting with naming experts, you will come away with greater confidence and clarity about your company branding process. Here are some of the questions we’ll discuss to help you in your naming project


  • What is the key message or "pivot point" that you want the brand to convey?
  • What one word or concept do you want to own in your customer's mind?
  • Who is your ideal customer? (male, female, age, income, occupation, etc.)
  • What business (or businesses) are you really in? And how does this align with your name?
  • How do you plan to go to market? (e.g. e-commerce, bricks and mortar, local, national, franchise)
  • Do you have a primary and secondary customer set? Does the name appeal to one or both?
  • What markets do you plan to enter next? What is your vision for the company five years out?


By having a true understanding of the why and how behind your business, you’ll gain greater clarity into whether your existing company name, or potential company names, reflect those values. We’ll summarize these findings to provide expert analysis into your brand development so you and your team can move forward with recommendations, options and proven strategies.