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Client reviews and insights into the Tungsten Branding process

Tungsten Branding has helped to name and brand over 250 companies, products and services worldwide. Here are just a few of the bright clients that we have had the privilege to work with over the past twenty years.

client reviews

"For the record, changing our name to PODS was one of the best moves we ever made."

Peter Warhurst - President/Founder


Grant Halloran

Tungsten Branding was incredibly knowledgeable and pragmatic. Rebranding a company is often an emotional and complex exercise. There’s a whole range of logistics to consider, and they were great at handling that. Their team was fantastic at putting executives at ease in a way that was straightforward, but not bureaucratic. I found them exceptional overall.

Grant Halloran - Chief Marketing Officer

Mike Pope

Our partnership with Tungsten has been instrumental in reaching a national audience. When we originally hired them, we were supplying about 300 retailers, which has since risen to about 4,000. Our sales numbers have increased at least tenfold.

Mike Pope - Chief Marketing Officer

Michael Capone

I had been trying to do this on my own for many years, so I was skeptical about the fact that anyone could do a better job for me. I was shocked and impressed when I saw the first round of names they came up with because those names were so close to the vision I didn't even know I had. They're experts at what they do. I'd recommend them wholeheartedly to anyone who is going through a similar process.

Michael Capone - Chief Operating Officer

client reviews

I can't tell you what a joy it has been to work with you. You made this whole effort fun and easy and I appreciate that. If I can ever serve as a reference for you, don't hesitate to ask.

Chuck Lennon - Vice President



Irma Woodruff

The Tungsten team is creative and has a great personality. They have an innate ability to come up with great branding components that match what you’d get at a large corporate agency. Tungsten is an expert in branding—we wouldn’t use anyone else. They’re easy to work with, down to earth, and the number four branding company in the world.

Irma Woodruff - Director of Investor Relations

client reviews

We’re a fairly unique company with unique challenges, but Tungsten has that out-of-the-box thinking. Their ability to soak everything in, process it, and come up with a direction and a workable solution is remarkable. We’ve had other partners like Tungsten, but their solutions weren’t functional. Tungsten stretches our limits but gives us things we can work with.

Jeff Storie - Director of Marketing

AO Smith Logo

client reviews

Tungsten has a great marketing and creative side, but it’s their engineering and project management approach that get things done. They’re unique because their process and execution are equal to their creativity. Sometimes creative processes can get out of hand. Tungsten kept the whole herd moving forward in the direction that we wanted to go. Also, their questionnaire process was unique and quite insightful for everyone.

Kurt Minko - President

envocore logo

client reviews

They’re very thoughtful about the process and super creative. They try to fit our brand perspective and can spin ideas we wouldn’t have thought of. They even suggest names that would allow us to expand into other industries. They provide a good dialog and are easy to work with. They’re able to take on our vision and values. Their skills are unparalleled.

Eric Middleton - CEO & Managing Partner

1Rivet Logo

client reviews

The Tungsten team did an outstanding job of developing our company name, logo, and branding.  Despite being over 2000 miles away, it felt like the design team was right next door.  Their design approach efficiently brought to life our company mission, service offerings, and value propositions.  We thoroughly enjoyed the Tungsten process as well as the  experience of reviewing different branding and positioning concepts and are very satisfied and excited about the final results! We look forward to continuing our working relationship with the Tungsten team as our new company grows.

Sherry Dwyer - Director

Guidacent Logo

client reviews

Financial services, and online brokerage in particular, can be a pretty cookie-cutter business. One of our goals is to change that. We're a pretty creative, forward-thinking company so we like creative thinkers who can make the business case for their ideas.

We interviewed six agencies and conducted one unproductive branding exercise with a local firm before beginning work with Tungsten. After talking extensively with Phil regarding their approach, we were confident Tungsten would deliver the distinctive brand elements we sought. After stating our vision, we let Tungsten do their thing. And part of their thing is keeping the client deeply engaged. Tungsten’s process required us to consider how different brands fit not only within what we wanted to communicate but how as well.

Tungsten didn’t just give us a great name, they helped us realize what we’re all about.

Tom Heffernan - VP, Marketing


client reveiws

Tungsten brought an incredible focus to our team and created a future for our brand that we could never have accomplished on our own. The level of expertise and support provided by Phil and his team was absolutely exceptional. Our company has a new voice to share with others and we are grateful to the Tungsten team for their relentless efforts to pursue our success.

Jennifer Kuemerle - Director of Operations


client reviews

I just wanted to drop a line and tell you how pleased I am with the results to date for Claricent. I have received positive feedback and the more I see the name, logo, and tag line the more excited I get about the future. I look forward to building a brand around Claricent and we are off to a great start.

Dave Fox - President/Founder


client reveiws

Phil is a genius! I have struggled with my company name/brand for over 5 years, never feeling like it quite fit. When we found out we were going to need to change our name due to some trademark problems I thought, at most, no big deal, I can do this myself. After 3 weeks of hitting dead-ends and being completely brain fried, I started looking at what my options were for hiring a professional.  I have never had a person outside of my company understand so quickly what message I wanted to convey, and then be able to put that in words. Phil was always available to me and had some fantastic ideas. In a very short time One Lily was born and with that came such a feeling of completeness. For the first time in the 6 years I've ran this company, I finally feel like I have the right name, the right tagline, the right look, the right story. Simply, the right message. Thank You Phil for being the creative genius you are! 

Angela Nielsen - President/Founder

One Lily logo

client reviews

I contacted Tungsten Branding because I felt our company name and brand no longer fit our current company’s passion and the markets that we served. Phil Davis took as much time and effort necessary to help determine what is now our perfect brand. 

I am thrilled because this name speaks so much better to what we do and gives us a great deal more credibility in our marketplace. We receive numerous compliments on the new brand every week and Phil was there every step from the detailed discovery process to his ideas and suggestions for the launch.

I enthusiastically recommend Tungsten Branding if you are considering rebranding your company.

Don Zuidema - President


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clients reviews

"Tungsten's process and ability to ask the right questions made them able to clearly articulate why they chose each name, tagline, and logo option they presented to us. With Phil's expertise, we were able to get a large group of stakeholders to come to a consensus with ease."

Carmen Hambrick - Senior Strategy Consultant


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clients reviews

By the time I first contacted Phil Davis of Tungsten Branding, I had spent several frustrating months trying to come up with a name on my own. Yet, after a consultation Phil surprised me by saying that I wasn't ready for his services. He told me to go back to work and further clarify the mission and identity of my business. It was not what I wanted to hear, but it inspired confidence in Phil's integrity and professionalism.

Once the naming project commenced, Phil put on display his talents for both the art and science of identity branding. The concepts he presented were not only linguistically creative and appealing, but focused on the most important aspect of naming a business -- getting customers.

And let's not overlook Phil's great sense of humor, which livened each conversation with fun and laughs.

I highly recommend Tungsten Branding."

Bruce BlosilFounder/CEO 

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 1.27.38 PM

client reviews

The name Trivanta has proven to be a stellar example of their creative ability, communicating the mutual goal of all three partners to deliver best-in-class triple net investments. Tungsten Branding's methodology for finding out who we were and what we wanted to accomplish was something unique. The due diligence they did at the beginning paid dividends throughout the entirety of the project. If there ever was an advantage when it comes to branding, it would be to have the Tungsten team on your side.

 Mark Wheeler Partner 

trivanta logo

client reviews
We made the "official" name change date on March 1.  We were worried that sales might be affected, and they were.  March was our highest sales month ever, and April was our second highest month ever.  Our fear and concerns about rebranding were unfounded.
There is still a LOT of work to do, mostly labels and literature, but so far, the rebranding has exceeded our expectations.

 Keith LammonOwner 

polyvance logo

client reveiws
It was a great experience working with Tungsten Branding. Those guys are “off the chain” good.

After discussing what my goals were for my organization they were able to come up with over a dozen concepts for me to choose from, any of which would have worked. I chose Advanas to use for my brand which I was then able to get trademarked.

Their talent didn’t stop with choosing my brand name. They were also very helpful in directing me with website and marketing concepts.

I’m convinced they are the professionals you need on your team if you truly want to take your organization to the next level. 


 Dr. Trevor Neal CEO 

Advanas Logo

client reviews

"I am constantly amazed at how great the name is - explaining to people 'and you click on the green button, the arm goes up and Inugo'.... is fantastic.  Thank you for the great work."

Sam Barclay - CEO

inugo logo

client reviews
"Thanks again for all your help - your creative abilities are amazing and invaluable to the launch of our new venture. We love love love the name (and acronym) and hope to be good parents to your 'brandchild'"

Matt MillerOperations Manager 

EmberHouse Logo

client reviews
Given the plethora of information about an idea, a business, and its people, Tungsten knows how to discover the essence upon which to build a brand. Their work has always been stellar. Plus, they do not treat clients like a project; we are treated as friends. They are both genuine and extremely professional in all that they do. We could not have found a better branding firm anywhere in the world.

Angela Owen - Co-Founder

Truventure logo

client reviews
The speed with which Tungsten Branding is able to take a concept and produce quality deliverables is a definite highlight of working with them. Their ability to effectively manage projects without constant instruction continues to impress.


Jeff Burnett - Founder

Triple20 Logo

client reviews
They inspire powerful thinking about the value of a brand and how the audience will receive it.
The internal feedback was outstanding. Tungsten balanced inclusion with executive decision making, which helped keep the project on track. We also kept our board members closely engaged. By keeping key team members informed as we progressed, the adoption was smoother. 

Ann Buchman - VP of Marketing

cermount logo

client reviews
It was a pleasurable and awesome experience working with Phil. He was always very available and accessible. He was very clear in laying out next steps and what to expect in each phase of the process. The cool thing about Phil is after we had our lengthy conversation in the beginning, I got the sense that he got me as the founder and the champion of this organization. When we were coming up with the name, tagline, branding rationale, and content and mockups of the website, he didn't hesitate to offer his unfiltered insight.

Steve Devitt - Founder

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