stowbee brand

Project Details

  • Brand Discovery
  • Name Concepting
  • Company Name Creation
  • Tag Line Creation
  • Corporate Logo Design

The Challenge: Taking a brand new product in an undefined category and create a brand name that could be a household name.

When J. R. Freiburger approached us with a need for a original name for an indispensable product. He recently invested in a company with a product capable of storing life’s most vital papers in a secret hidden vault. However, hidden toilet paper was just not a great name for this innovative product. Their ultimate goal is to wipe out the competition with a exceptional brand name.

The Solution: Create a fun brand name that fuses its purpose and its ingenuity.

Brand names are almost as important as the product itself. At first glance, a name describes, illustrates and presents , before even looking at what it represents. The product is customizable, easy to install and quite ingenious. Out of the reach to curious toddlers and troublesome pets, you can visit the commode without finding your toilet paper in shambles. Much like in the vain of other popular brand names, Frisbee, Slinky, and Snuggie, we wanted to create a word that fit the nomenclature of a info-product type offering while making the name effortless to market to a wide demographic. After several days of being wrapped up like a mummy we came up with the perfect name for this conundrum.


Stowbee proved to be just that name, conveying notions of storage and stowing with the fun suffix of a busy little bee. With a Stowbee you can keep your honey happy and avoid an unsightly paper trail. It’s one brand name that’s out of sight. We’re delighted to help highlight this product’s brand name in the market and give it a home (hopefully in your bathroom!) If you have a branding need, don’t bee shy, just give us a buzz!