Project Details

  • Brand Discovery
  • Name Concepting
  • Brand Architecture
  • Sub-Branding
  • Corporate Logo Design

Branding a multi-facetted construction company.

The Challenge: To take one company with four divisions and create unique but complimentary identities

We usually encourage our clients to consolidate their marketing efforts, but in this case the company's four divisions were better off with unique identities. Paul J. Sierra Construction was comprised of a residential construction company, a commercial construction company, a handicap access construction company, and a disaster restoration company. When bidding for jobs, they were constantly faced with specialists in each field, and the use of just one name made them appear to be "jacks-of-all-trades". In reality they were four unique, specialized divisions with years of expertise in each field. So to make them appear separate but related, we proposed changing the company name to simply SIERRA and then adding the division name underneath. Each division was then given a color scheme associated with their industry.

We assigned the Access division the blue found on most handicap parking signs. We assigned the Commercial construction division "construction yellow". Residential was green and Disaster Reconstruction was, logically, red. Each division could now answer the phone in their own name, with their own logo and own color and yet they all retained the corporate SIERRA identity. This helped immensely since homeowners may fear that a commercial construction company will overcharge them to cover huge overhead. A shopping center may think someone building residential homes doesn't specialize in what they need. So each division was able to compete and differentiate without losing their corporate banner. And in this case, all's well that ends well.