Project Details

  • Brand Discovery
  • Name Concepting
  • Company Name Creation
  • Tag Line Creation
  • Corporate Logo Development
  • Domain Name Acquisition

The Challenge:
Create a new corporate division brand name

When the sustainability division of Transwestern approached us, they were facing a familiar challenge. While they benefitted from the parent brand name, they struggled to differentiate their unique offerings and capabilities when bidding on sustainability specific projects.

The Solution:
Invent a streamlined brand name that flows well with their mission

When naming a company, we work with a number of naming strategies depending on the client's needs. In this case, a coined, or invented name proved ideal. These are sometimes referred to as "empty vessel" names due to their ability to provide an overall sense and structure of the brand while allowing the organization to imbue the name with meaning. These names also allow for future growth and expansion because they are not overly literal and descriptive. The "Riv" prefix evokes the natural flow of a river while the "ion" provided a latin-esque corporate suffix.

In the end, the client benefitted from a distinctive, 6-letter brand name, with the exact matching .com and the ability to tell their unique story.