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  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Discovery
  • Brand Facilitation
  • Name Concepting
  • Company Name Creation
  • Tag Line Creation
  • Logo Development
  • Domain Name Acquisition

The Challenge: Resurface an outdated company name with a shiny new brand image

When Don Zuidema reached out to us, he knew he had a naming problem. His company, Midwest Pressure Washing, had several classic naming no no’s (geographic, literal, forgettable, not trademarkable, etc. etc.) In short, he needed to clean up his entire brand and renew the shine.

Did someone say “shine?”

The Solution: Put a hose to the old image and create a brilliant brand name based on attributes

Companies based on literal naming strategies rarely get too far. Witness the former CompUSA and the downsized Linens-n-Things, and the lost-in-time Radio Shack. Companies naturally begin as product or service based businesses, but if their identities remain tethered to these shifting and evolving goods, they quickly become outdated and obsolete.

In Don’s case, he started off with a truck and a power washer, so it made sense to speak to his market (the midwest) with what he did (spray buildings.) But as every good entrepreneur does, he grew, innovated, evolved and progressed. Soon he was doing high end, sophisticated exterior restoration work for world renowned structures and skyscrapers. (Hardly fitting for a company with “pressure washing” in the name.) Don needed a name that reflected his team’s ability to not only clean, but also restore value, pride and prestige in appearance. He needed a name that would work not matter how the company grew.

The answer? RestoreWorks!

RestoreWorks is a descriptive hybrid name that marries the “what” and the “why” of a business. These are names such as JetBlue, PayPal, and LendingTree. They provide a sense of what the company does with an evocative word to communicate how the company does it. In this case, the company doesn’t just clean, it restores, a value proposition that will endure well into the company’s future. And they do it in a way that works - they are diligent, professional and proactive.

These types of company rebranding efforts can have a transformative effect on the entire business. The messaging becomes easier, more intuitive, seamless and succinct. In this case, the name worked!

If you are looking for a name that better reflects your brilliance, turn to the bright minds at Tungsten. Just flip the switch and we’ll get started!

client reviews

"I contacted Tungsten Branding because I felt our company name and brand no longer fit our current company’s passion and Phil Davis took as much time and effort necessary to help determine what is now our perfect brand. I am thrilled because this name speaks so much better to what we do and gives us a great deal more credibility in our marketplace. We receive numerous compliments on the new brand every week and Phil was there every step from the detailed discovery process to his ideas and suggestions for the launch. I enthusiastically recommend Tungsten Branding if you are considering rebranding your company."

Don Zuidema, President

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