“OmniSci really aligns with our vision of the product and where the market in general is going.”

Todd Mostak, CEO & Co-founder

Project Details

  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Discovery
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Facilitation
  • Name Concepting
  • Tag Line Creation
  • Domain Name Acquisition

Challenge: Rebrand an outmoded, acronym-based, IT company name into an expansive global brand name

Solution: Create a universally appealing name that highlights the all knowing nature of the technology

When the leadership team at MapD came to us they had a double whammy of a problem. Not only was their current name based on a product-specific acronym (MAssively Parallel Database), but it was also misleading since their expanding analytics platform was not confined to just GIS or mapping solutions. In fact, the company’s vision had evolved and significantly broadened in its first five years of business.

The original platform expanded well beyond being just a “database” and was now being utilized by the Department of Defense and other businesses and agencies needing extreme speed and insightful analytics.

What was needed was a new name that could catapult the company forward for the foreseeable future - something that would give them space to grow.

After entertaining a number of company naming strategies, and multiple rounds of names, the team focus centered on the idea of “omni.” Omni is a Latin prefix meaning “all” or “every.” As collaboration continued, the name OmniSci was floated, combining the all-knowing nature of the extreme data analytics platform, with the “sci” of data science.

In a cosmic instant, OmniSci was formed.

From an initial data platform to a full spectrum analytics offering, providing omni channel understanding of client data, OmniSci represents the continually expanding push to extend the boundaries of knowledge.

So if you find yourself in the black hole of naming, experience the big bang of creative brilliance that comes from the bright minds at Tungsten Branding.

Grant Halloran

“Feedback from our customers, investors, social media comments and employees has been nearly 100 percent positive.”

Grant Halloran, Chief Marketing Officer