Project Details

  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Discovery
  • Brand Facilitation
  • Name Concepting
  • Company Name Creation
  • Tag Line Creation
  • Domain Name Acquisition

The Challenge: Creating a High Performance Brand Name

When this startup industrial maintenance company came looking for a brand name, they needed one that captured their speed, responsiveness and ability to outperform the competition.

The Solution

Great brand names usually contain a hint of the company's core mission or value proposition. For this company naming project, we looked to the client's customer base. Their clients included a number of gas stations and convenience store chains, all which require prompt service. So we took our branding cues from these industries and created a name synonymous with speed, power and performance.

Combining the word "Octane" with the word "One" created a visual form of alliteration, and further positioned the company as a leader. We call these "positive connotation" brand names, as in OnStar and TruGreen. By combining words with pre-existing positive associations, you can create unique brand names that convey the essence of your brand message - in this case responsive performance.

This type of name also provides a marketing lexicon, or language, to help support and promote the overall brand message and create a brand platform. With a name like OctaneOne, collateral pieces and web copy can be infused with words and phrases such as...

    • Fast
    • Speedy
    • Fuel/Fueled
    • Rev/Rev'd
    • Drive/Driven
    • Overdrive
    • Accelerate
    • Shift
    • Clutch
    • Speed
    • First
    • Leading

These types of names provide a rich vocabulary that further outlines and defines the brand position in the minds of the consumer. We were also able to secure the exact matching .com domain name and complete the brand identity with a matching logo and tag line "Driven to Outperform."

Brilliant branding extends beyond the actual company name itself. If done properly, the name should provide room for further growth and development to help your company continually move ahead.