Project Details

  • Brand Discovery
  • Name Concepting
  • Company Name Creation
  • Tag Line Creation
  • Domain Name Acquisition

The Challenge: Naming a business services provider for real estate agents

When Tungsten client Harold Ware came looking for a new name for his business, he knew it needed to work on a number of levels. Having previously retired at age 47 as a multi-millionaire, Harold knew a thing or two about creating a good value proposition, and he’d come out of retirement to do just that — reinvent the way real estate professionals conduct business. Harold realized that even top producers were straddled with outmoded and inefficient systems that kept them from realizing their true income potential. He knew that because he had recently purchased several seven figure properties and witnessed first hand the lack of a comprehensive strategy for buying, listing or selling a property. This was a pervasive and systemic problem that wasn’t being addressed. Harold went to work and over the past four years developed The Maximum Value Home Selling System™. He was ready to go to market, now he just needed a great name.

After discussing Harold’s needs, we explored a number of strategies. A descriptive hybrid name seemed most in order. These types of names allude to the industry category as well as the company’s position in that industry. Examples include Jiffy Lube, Burger King, Priceline, and Quality Inns. In this case, “Max” conveys the idea of achieving the highest potential possible. “Avenue” connotes real estate, direction, destination, methodology and access. Combining them results in a distinctive new name… MaxAvenue, with the accompanying tag line, “The High Road to Success.” Notice how the use of the word “Road” in the tag line compliments “Avenue” in the name and further reinforces and strengthens the brand.

Keep an eye on this innovative company as it reinvents, redefines and improves the way real estate gets bought and sold. They’re certainly on the right path!