Project Details

  • Name Concepting
  • Brand Name Development
  • Tag Line Creation
  • Corporate Logo Design
  • Domain Name Acquisition

The Challenge: Develop an internet based brand name that conveyed a sense of trust, confidence and connectedness.

When this employee benefit company went looking for a name, they needed one that communicated their role as a trusted advisor — an intermediary that served both the employee and employer by providing the best possible health and retirement options from a wide range of top vendors. This type of role is often referred to as a “liaison,” a word originating from the French that means “communication,” “linkage,” and “mediation.” By simplifying the word to the phonetic spelling Liazon, we were able to create a strong corporate name imbued with a sense of trust, reliability and stewardship.

The Solution: A medical brand name that really "connects"

The new company name has only six letters, the contemporary “z” sound, (along the same lines as Verizon) and the exact matching .com domain name. The tag line “Your Trusted Connection” further underscores the company’s unique marketing position — one of customizing benefits to suit each employee’s needs.

So when you need to connect with your customers, turn to a power source you can trust… Tungsten Branding.