Project Details

  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Discovery
  • Name Concepting
  • Company Name Creation
  • Tag Line Creation
  • Corporate Logo Development
  • Brand Style Guide Creation
  • Branded Pattern Design
  • Domain Name Acquisition

Challenge: Transform a complex IT brand name into something simply amazing

Solution: Devise a company name that highlights how its new technology works like magic


When DXiology came to us, they had a number of branding issues. Their existing company name was acronym based (sort of) meaning Data eXchange Interface. DXi was then combined with the scientific-sounding “ology” which made for a logical, but hard to remember, company name. Their AI-powered, predictive analytics technology performed amazing feats and revealed keen insights that had their clients begging for more. They needed a name that would match their mastery of data and unlock the potential power of their services. Introducing…




Keydabra shifted the focus from geek speak to the big reveal, the end benefit, the incredible performance. Rather than using cryptic industry code, this expansive name communicates a big shift in how analytics are delivered. The name also spoke to a wider audience of information-hungry webmasters and digital marketers that might lack the technical industry jargon.


To conclude this showcase, great brand names should create curiosity, invite interest and continue the conversation. Keydabra does just that by “unlocking opportunity” and outperforming the competition.


You guys all did a phenomenal job! We are excited to begin using Keydabra as our new name.”

Matthew Travis Tanner

CEO - Keydabra